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How to get $6,000 in AWS Credit

Update: Joaquin Gamboa F. emailed Amazon to ask if you could use both the AWS credit and the AWS Activate founders package, and it turns out you can! So you can get $1,000 and $5,000!

Update 2: It turns out you don't need to pay anything to either, and you can use their trial to get what you need.

Update 3: The reason you can get both credits is because one is AWS Activate Founders (which the condition "Must not have previously received AWS Activate benefit") whilst the other is AWS Activate Protfolio, which doesn't have that condition. So I'd recommend doing the $1,000 credit first, just in case, as Amazon aren't clear on this.

Update 4: We were responsible for, I believe, over $2,000,000 in AWS credits being claimed, so the benefit has been revoked. You can now only get $1,000 from AWS Activate.

These are challenging times, and we all need a win sometimes. I want every single person on this list to benefit from this. I was originally going to wait and do a video for this, but I wanted everyone to get the $6,000 credit as soon as possible. For a lot of people, that is as good as cash.

And once you've got the credit, it'll go a long way with Vapor, and you can try out everything in my course without having to worry about cost :) I'm currently working on some new videos too! Remember, it's $100 off right now.

Anyway, we did this about 1 month ago and we got AWS credits from it. The credits expire 2 years from your approval date, so you have a long time to use the credit!

You can use the following 2 methods to get $6,000 in AWS credit.

How to get $1,000 in AWS Credit

Here's the link for the free $1,000: (under the founders program). It turns out that this can be used alongside the $5,000 deal. Incredible.

How to get $5,000 in AWS Credit

A bit of background behind this method. It was actually suggested to me by someone on Twitter back in March. I have no affiliation with, there's no affiliate link, I only care that it's $5,000 in free credit. More detail:

Please let me know when you get your $6,000 in AWS credits. I love the emails / tweets I get :)

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